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BabyDan (product of Denmark)

Our Mission

With our ?Eyes for Safety? mission, baby Dan will help to ensure that children can get around safely and securely inside and outside the home.

With ?Eyes for Safety? Baby Dan will strengthen the culture and values of the company.

With ?Eyes for Safety? Baby Dan will give high priority to health, safety and the environment when choosing materials, production form and when doing product development.

Our vision

Baby Dan must help creating safe environments. To achieve this we aim to be among the leading Brands of safety product, textiles and children?s furniture in the world. This way we can participate in the development of more demanding common standards in areas such as materials, safety, technology, the environment and quality.

To ensure that Baby Dan can continue to make an important difference in the future, we will set demanding goals for ourselves to ensure a development of our core skills both as individuals and as a company.

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Babydan: Bed Rail
Babydan: Bed Rail
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Babydan: Y- Spindel
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